The Coombe Academy Trust

The Coombe Academy Trust was founded in 2012 from the federation of Coombe Boys’ School and Coombe Girls’ School. The newly formed Multi-Academy Trust built on an already very strong partnership between the two schools’ leadership teams under the guidance of one Headteacher and one governing body. Knollmead Primary School was welcomed into the Trust in April 2014, Green Lane Primary & Nursery School in September 2018 and Robin Hood Primary & Nursery School in September 2019.

The Coombe Academy Trust values each school’s individuality whilst ensuring that the principles of the Trust’s overarching vision are evident in their ethos, values, practice and permeate all aspects of school life. There are high expectations of all members of the Trust community. The Coombe Academy Trust prides itself on providing an excellent education for local children and works in very close partnership with the Coombe and Maldens Cluster schools, many of which are feeders to the Coombe Secondary Schools.

Our vision and values

‘Preparing you for a world of opportunity’.

The Coombe Academy Trust schools are committed to ensuring outstanding leadership at all levels underpinned by integral core values and bespoke professional development ensuring lifelong learning for all staff, trainees and volunteers across the Trust in an environment where success is recognised and celebrated. All members of the Trust’s communities are friendly, caring, respectful and tolerant towards each other; ambitious and aspirational for themselves and others; honest and show integrity in all they do; positive and resilient at all times.

These core values underpin each school’s vision statement: