Coombe Governing Body for Coombe Boys' School and Coombe Girls' School

The following are members of the Coombe Local Governing Body:

Dr Neil Williams was elected as the Chair of the Local Governing Body in December 2017.

Governors and their responsibilities

Heather Buchanan – Vice Chair Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Samia Al Qadhi - Attendance and Curriculum(SIP)

Catherine Fenwick - Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) and Disadvantaged Pupils (PPG)

Matt Gibson -Attendance and Curriculum(SIP)

David Wallis

Dr Neil Williams - Chair, Sixth Form and Data. Dr Williams can be contacted via the school enquiries.

Parent Governors

Jonathan Hoeksma (CGS) Data

Bansri Dodhia (CGS) - Chair of Curriculum Sub-Committee, IAG and Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Shelley Mills (CBS) - Chair of Pastoral Sub-Committee. Safeguarding and Health&Safety

Louise Williams (CBS) - CBS Disadvantaged Pupils (PPG)

Staff Governors

Laura Burwell (CGS)

Giles Jameson (CBS)

David Smith – Headteacher, Coombe Boys’ School

Emily Barns – Acting Headteacher, Coombe Girls’ School

The Clerk to the Local Governing Body is Karen Velissarides.

There are currently no vacancies on the Coombe Local Governing Body. However, if you would like to express an interest in applying to become a governor, please contact Lisa Kidd at Coombe Girls’ School on 0208 942 1242.