Coombe Local Governing Body for Coombe Boys' School and Coombe Girls' School

Coombe Local Governing Body

Purpose: The Academy Trust has established a local governing body for the Coombe Secondary Schools (Coombe Boys’ School and Coombe Girls’ School) under the terms of the Trust’s articles of association.

Each academy within the Trust is accountable to and must serve its community. The Governing Body of the Coombe Secondary Schools is charged with delivering these aims.

Whilst the Board of Trustees has overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Trust, and for the standards achieved by pupils and students of the academies, the Governing Body has the responsibility of ensuring that the vision of the Trust is fulfilled.

The Governing Body is focused on translating the strategy of the Trust into day-to-day reality in the two schools for which it has responsibility, ensuring that the staff working in the academies are supported and challenged and that the needs of the pupils and students are met.

Core Purpose: To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; hold the headteachers to account for the educational performance of the schools and its pupils and the performance management of staff; and oversee the financial performance of the schools making sure its money is well spent.

Dr Neil Williams is the Chair of the Local Governing Body and can be contacted via the school governance email on

The Clerk to the Local Governing Body is Lucy Dawson.

There are currently no vacancies on the Coombe Local Governing Body for Trustee appointed governors. However, if you would like to express an interest in applying to become a governor, please contact

Coombe Governing Body members

Trustee appointed

Heather Buchanan – Vice Chair

Bansri Dodhia

Catherine Fenwick

Chris Henley

Ailsa Weymes

Neil Williams - Chair

Parent elected

Jonathan Hoeksma (CGS)

Louise Williams (CBS) - CBS

There are currently 2 parents governor posts being recruited to, one at Coombe Girls (CGS) and one at Coombe Boys (CBS)


Laura Burwell (CGS)

Giles Jameson (CBS)

David Smith – Headteacher, Coombe Boys’ School

Emily Barns – Acting Headteacher, Coombe Girls’ School

Link Governor roles

Safeguarding (mandatory)


Post 16


CIAG ( mandatory)

Pupil Premium Grant


SIP Governor / curriculum

Health and Safety

Governor Training

Heather Buchanan


Ailsa Weymes, Bansri Dodhia

Neil Williams

Catherine Fenwick

Bansri Dodhia, Louise Williams

Jonathan Hoeskma

Heather Buchanan, Ailsa Weymes

Chris Henley, Louise Williams

Neil Williams