Coombe Academy Trust comprises three Nursery and Primary Schools, two Secondary Schools and a joint Sixth Form. In addition, within our schools we have four Specialist Resource Provisions with a fifth due to open in September. Our schools are based in Kingston and work as one entity to improve and maintain a high standard across the Trust. As a Trust we are seeking to expand the areas that we support. We are well placed to support any phase of education from Nursery through to Sixth Form, including settings providing SEND support.

Our History of School Improvement

The Coombe Academy Trust was founded in 2012 from the federation of Coombe Boys’ School (Good with Outstanding leadership) and Coombe Girls’ School (Outstanding).

The newly formed Multi-Academy Trust built on an already very strong partnership between the two schools’ leadership teams. As a Sponsor, Knollmead Primary School joined the Trust in April 2014 (now Good with Outstanding features), Green Lane Primary & Nursery School in September 2018 and Robin Hood Primary & Nursery School in September 2019.

Our Schools

What makes Coombe Academy Trust unique?

Our Specialist Resource Provisions

The Coombe Academy Trust is proud to have a total of 4 Specialist Resource Provisions (SRPs), with a fifth opening in September 2022. The SRPs are integral to the Coombe Academy Trust community and each SRP has specialist staff who deliver high quality teaching and provision to children with identified needs.

Inclusion is a key driver behind our World of Opportunity for all vision and is supported by our Trust Leader for Inclusion and our CEO, an experienced Special Educational Needs leader.


Nursery to Sixth Form curriculum collaboration

Coombe Trust Schools benefit from a collaborative advantage; they have a strong history of mutual support and reciprocity. Trust curricula are built around common principles of Strong Foundations, Aspirations for all, Broad and Balanced, Enriched Experiences and Challenge and Depth. Leaders and practitioners from across Trust schools work together through an evidenced based approach across a range of trust research groups. This year the curriculum research groups are focusing on Oracy skills and feedback.

Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Principles

Our School Improvement Support


The CEO is experienced in working in School-to-School support (including schools identified as Inadequate and Requiring Improvement at primary level and Requiring Improvement at secondary levels). Previously opened a new build primary school, achieving Outstanding in its first inspection. Experienced in working in areas of 40-65% Pupil Premium; previously tutored on the SENDco accreditation course; worked as a Whole School SEND lead, including providing support to some Local Authorities. The CEO is chair of the Schools Forum High Needs group and a member of Wandle Teaching School Hub Partnership and Strategic Board.

Director of Education

An experienced secondary Headteacher, Senior School Improvement Partner across two local authorities and a recently trained Ofsted inspector. Previously, has delivered post-graduate M Ed modules as a visiting lecturer for a London University and currently facilitates the NPQH for The Wandle TS Hub. The Director of Education is currently a member of the governance group at Leadership Colab IoE, UCL and a member of the ITT Strategic Board at Kingston University. Our Director of Education works full time in school improvement.

Trust Inclusion Lead

An experienced SENDco in the primary and secondary phase and a Qualified Teacher of the deaf with previous experience at LA level. Supports all Trust Schools in developing their inclusive provision.

Senior Leaders Working collaboratively

Headteachers and Senior Leaders across the Trust work collaboratively with the Wandle Teaching School Hub in the delivery of both the NPQH and NPQSLs, in addition to having representation on a number of strategic groups within the Teaching School hub.

The increasing alignment of our curriculum has led all of our schools to engage with the Mathematics Mastery approach and work within the Mathematics Hubs, with one Mathematics Leader within the Trust working as an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead.

Under the leadership of our Director for Teaching, Learning and Development, all schools receive a collaborative School Effectiveness Review using a range of specialist staff from across the Trust. These reviews are used as a catalyst for the training and team around the school support in the following terms, in addition to developing the expertise and capacity of the practitioners involved. In addition, schools are supported with Trust SEND reviews, DSL supervision and governance support..

Within CAT an increasing number of teachers teach across both the primary and secondary phase. Our Coombe Unity provision ensures that we provide opportunities to work with all primary schools within our Cluster areas.

Our Central Team Support

Our Central Team ensures the smooth running of the Trust and includes:

  • Operations Support - admissions, compliance, marketing, websites, procurement and DPO

  • Human Resource (HR) Team led by our Director of HR - including supporting non CAT schools

  • IT Services Team led by our Director of IT - including supporting non CAT schools

  • Estates, Health and Safety and Premises led by our Director of Premises and Health & Safety

  • Finance Support Team led by our Director of Finance

Please do get in touch for any enquiries: trustenquiries@coombe.org.uk

Trust Central Team
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