There currently are two vacancies for Trustees



Derek Morgan - Chair of Trustees & Chair of Infrastructure Committee

Rowena Bass - Chair of Audit Committee

Marcus Bhargava

Diana Brotherston - Chair of Remuneration Committee

Alan Burbridge

Jan Galloway

Margaret Hunnaball

Emma Thomas - Chair of Resources Committee

If you would like to register your interest to become a Trustee, please contact Lisa Kidd at Coombe Girls’ School on 0208 942 1242 for the application documents.


Trustees apply the highest standards of conduct and ensure robust governance. They follow the Governance Handbook and aid compliance with the Academies Financial Handbook through leading:

  • strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy;

  • accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance;

  • people with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity;

  • structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities;

  • compliance with statutory and contractual requirements; and

  • evaluation of governance to monitor and improve its quality and impact.

The Trustees comply with the Trust’s charitable objects, with company and charity law and with the funding agreements. Their duties are to: act within their powers; promote the success of the Trust; exercise independent judgement; exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence; avoid conflicts of interest; not accept benefits from third parties; and declare interest in proposed transactions of arrangements. They ensure regularity and propriety in use of the Trust’s funds and achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness. The Full Board of Trustees meets twice per term.

The purpose of the Full Board meetings is:

  • to ensure that the Trust’s funds are used in accordance with the law, the Trust’s Articles, its Funding Agreements and the Academies Financial Handbook;

  • to ensure that the Trust and its academies are operated in accordance with the law, the Articles, its Funding Agreements and the Academies Financial Handbook;

  • to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, propose overarching aims and objectives for the schools;

  • to monitor the quality of educational provision across the Trust;

  • to challenge and monitor performance including overseeing the performance of the EHT;

  • to oversee the financial performance of the Trust;

  • to determine Human Resource Policy and Practice;

  • to comply with their duties as company directors and charity Trustees, including to exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties;

  • to ensure the Nolan principles of public life are adhered to (selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership); and

  • to recruit EHT and Executive Directors.

The Resources Board Sub-Committee focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of the financial and staffing resources of the Trust. This Committee covers human resources and financial resources. Within this remit, the Committee will address any matter raised by the Executive or Deputy Executive Headteacher or that the Committee reasonably considers to be within its remit and that is not a Reserved Decision.

The Infrastructure Board Sub-Committee focuses on the compliance of the Trust with regard to Health and Safety, Premises and oversees the effectiveness and efficiency of the premises and ICT to support the objectives of the Trust. This Committee covers: Health and Safety; Infrastructure (including premises, buildings and ICT); and Data Protection.

The Audit Board Sub-Committee maintains an oversight of the Trust’s governance, risk management, internal control and value for money framework. It reports its findings annually to the Board of Trustees and the Accounting Officer as part of the Trust’s annual reporting requirements.

The Remuneration Board Sub-Committee will maintain an oversight of the Trust’s pay policy and pay procedures, performance management of the leadership and executive leadership teams and leadership succession planning. It will report any findings to the Board at the December and July meetings.