Our Vision

‘Preparing you for a world of opportunity’

Coombe Academy Trust is committed to ensuring outstanding leadership at all levels underpinned by the values of

Collaboration - Ambition - Trust.

Bespoke professional development ensures lifelong learning for all staff in an environment where success at all levels is recognised and celebrated. In turn this provides a high standard of inclusive education for our children and young people, one in which their lives are enriched with meaningful opportunities and achieves the best possible wellbeing and academic outcomes. In short, this ensures children and young people leave Coombe Academy Trust well prepared for their next stage in life and education, and prepares them for a world of opportunity.

Our Values


As a group of schools, we believe in reciprocity; all schools and staff benefit from working together to

ensure our children and young people are prepared for a world of opportunity.


We believe in working together to ensure every child and young person has the desire and determination to achieve success. Each school’s curriculum aims to nurture and develop the aspirations of our children and young people, ensuring every child and young person has meaningful life opportunities.


We recognise the strong correlation between trust and the capacity to develop and improve. As a group of schools we work together with strength, resilience, and transparency. Working

together as one organisation we serve each school community’s unique context.

Our Culture

The ethos or character of Coombe Academy Trust is guided by the overarching values of

‘Collaboration - Ambition - Trust.’

These values underpin our Coombe Academy Trust Curriculum Principles; ensuring every child and young person has an entitlement to a World of Opportunity. Whilst each school is unique and serves a local community, our curriculum principles are the drivers which define the curriculum in each of our schools.